Date and Time Stamp

Self-ink Date and Time rubber stamp

This self-ink date and time stamp is ideal marking tool, for warehouse, stores and shops to stamp date with time when goods sent or received. And it is very useful in front office to mark the status message on all received documents. Date and Time with imprinted "RECEIVED" title message is very useful if you want to mark the time when receiving documents. Even more titles such as SENT, DISPATCHED, POSTED and custom text to suit your needs can be included to mark along with date and time. 

This plastic light weight time and date stamp comes with in built ink pad. So you make continuous impression without any trouble. It has nice, easy to rotate wheel to mark received time with date.

  • Prints time and date in clear font
  • Easy to adjust soft rotating wheels
  • Thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary
  • Option to have time and date in one color and rest in other color
  • 12 hours with half an hour increment or 24 hours with hour increment dial available to choose.


Start saving time and make your repetitive tasks quicker and more accurate with range of Self Inking stock title Office stamps and School Stamps. Self Inking Stamps are ideal for repetitive use because the content die inks itself by rotating into attached ink pad.

This Self Inking Office Stamps is ideal for a variety of uses and is a must have for any busy office or mailroom.

  • Long-lasting message stamp with soft-touch grip, dust cover.
  • Exceptional print quality, smooth to use
  • Pre-Inked 1-color stamp, no stamp pad required
  • Re-Inkable