Photopolymer Stamp Making Machine

Polymer Stamp Making Machine

Our Polymer Stamp Making Machine can do all type of rubber stamps. Just use your computer, laser printer and our Photo-polymer Stamp Making machine to establish a complete in-house stamp production business.


  • Easy to operate with adjustable timer

  • You can make Normal, Self-inking and Date Stamps

  • Up to 40 stamps can be made in one lot

  • 25 Minutes processing time and your stamp will be ready

  • Instructional video CD will be provided upon purchase

Technical Parameters:

  • Eight high-output UV tubes

  • Auto OFF

  • Easy to replace UV tubes

  • Size: A4

  • Made in India

Required Materials:

To make Polymer Stamp you need below materials:

1. Photo Polymer Liquid

2. Back Sheet

3. Cover Film

4. Tracing Paper

5. Dam Tap

6. Dark / Dens Spray

How to make Polymer Stamp?*

1. Make your stamp design in computer

2. Take a print out in Tracing Paper using laser printing

3. Setup the print out in stamp making machine

4. Set the exposure time

5. Wash it and again expose the material under UV light

6. Apply powder

7. Crop to size and fix it in handle

Now Your Photo Polymer Stamp is ready to use.

* Watch instructional Video on YouTube