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Name Plates: Personalized Name Plates for Office Doors

Names Plates in your cabin door or on your desk professionally creates personal identification to your visitors. We make personalized name plates to help meet your needs in English and Arabic. With name plates in variety of colors and materials to spice up your work environment.

The significance of a name plate:

  • Your name plate reminds you of your status within the company you represent
  • Name plates signify your importance to colleagues, current and potential clients when they enter your office.

Enhance any work environment with a set of engraved name plates. Not only will your employees appreciate being recognized with their own personalized name plates, a more inviting and approachable environment is created with potential customers and clients, as each employee is properly identified. Adding a logo is an inexpensive way to maximize the branding of your employees and company on your name plates.

Sliding tabs display custom messages. Our sliding engraved signs can be fully customized to display whatever you like. One can also customize the sliding tabs, rather than incorporating standard "IN / OUT" text.