Flash Stamp Making Machine

Flash Stamp Making Machine

With our Flash Stamp Making Machine you can produce stamp in 30 seconds*.  Just use your computer, an laser printer and our Flash Stamp Making Equipment to start your stamp making business.


  • Single flash exposure - produce stamps in 30 Seconds*
  • You can make all types** of pre-ink stamps
  • Small and compact design, suites well on table
  • You can make stamps size up to 100 x 70 mm
  • Easy to use

Technical Parameter:

  • Power supply      :   220V 50Hz
  • Flash tubes         :  2 Pieces
  • Exposure Power : 2400 J
  • Exposure Size     : 120 x 90 mm
  • Package Size      : 42 x 40 x 20 cm

* Your design will be exposed to stamp within 30 second, however you have sock the ink for up to 30 Minutes
** Except deters

Required Materials:

To make Flash Stamp basically you need 5 materials:
1. Laser Printer - This is important to ensure a sharp printing quality
2. Tracing Paper & Exposure Film
3. Oil Based Ink
4. Flash Foam
5. Flash Stamp Holders - Different type and sizes of flash holders available to fit your need.

How to make Flash Stamp?

1. Make your stamp design in computer
2. Take a print out in Tracing Paper using laser printing
3. Crop the print out and Exposure Film to size
4. Open the Exposure cover and place the cropped print, then exposure film and then Flash Foam
5. Lock the exposure cover firmly
6. Switch on the Flash Stamp Making Machine and hit the flash button
7. Remove the exposed foam and sock it in the ink for 30 minutes
8. Clean the excess ink on foam and mount it to Stamp Handle

Now Your Flash Stamp is ready to use.